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field service

Using the right tools to streamline workflows gives you more time with your customers and increases the quality of your services

Opens its 15th office in the capital of Western Norway


Since the beginning of the 1990's, the technology company GSGroup has had a steady and good growth and has gone from a local to an international player in the market. Now they have their eyes on Bergen.

The transport and logistics sector set strict climate requirements for its own industry

The technology makes it possible to cut emissions and at the same time ensure economic growth

GSGroup presents its software, sensor technology and telematics products at the Maintenance fair in Dortmund.

fleet management

field service


The next edition of the Maintenance fair, which has established itself into the leading German trade fair for industrial maintenance, will take place in Dortmund on 12th and 13th of February 2020.

GSGroup provides road maintenance all over Europe

fleet management

Several businesses are ready for this year's winter thanks to road maintenance technology from GSGroup.


Holiday nightmare averted thanks to tracking technology from GSGroup


The thieves thought they had managed to steal a Range Rover from a holiday home in southern Spain. Little did they know that the police followed their escape route.

Sandefjord municipality chose fleet management solutions from GSGroup

fleet management

The technology company won the tender and will be delivering 45 units over a period of up to five years

Do you have an overview of the hours spent in the company?

A good field service solution makes it easy for employees on the go to record hours and ensures a good overview of billable and non-billable hours.

Give your company a head start after the holidays

Every single day, thousands of craftsmen and service people use GSGroup’s solutions to record hours, goods, mileage on the car and much more. The solutions easily plan and manage your work day.