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Tool and equipment tracking

Full control of the location of your machines and equipment 

Poor or inadequate equipment control costs you more than just what is stolen or lost.

With one of the market's best solutions for equipment control, management of the projects is ensured.

Make better decisions with full insight into your equipment. Ensure uptime, delivery capacity and fewer lost devices.

Bluetooth tracking devices
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The tracking device enables you to:

  • See all your vehicles, machines, tools, containers etc in one and the same map
  • Group equipment, name them and add photo for easy identification
  • Alarm and notification if the equipment does not report its status
  • Virtual fences makes sure the equipment is where it should be. You will receive alerts if some of the equipment leaves a limited area.
  • Spend more time on billable work than on looking for lost equipment


Together with other customers, you form an ever-growing network and jointly expand the range and coverage - without compromising data security - because your equipment will only be visible to you.

With equipment control from GSGroup, you get all your most valuable assets in one and the same map. Get full control of your equipment and take better care of your things!


Our units can withstand harsh weather and climate.

Easy installation

The tracking devices comes in two different sizes and are very easy to install. They are suitable for most types of equipment. From drills and compressors to trucks and trailers.

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