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GSGroup provides road maintenance all over Europe

Several businesses are ready for this year's winter thanks to road maintenance technology from GSGroup.


November is known as the last month of fall, and that means there are many preparations for winter that are now being done. Some municipalities have already felt the presence of King Winter, while in other parts of the country the autumn storms are still active. Regardless of the season and weather type, preparation is important and here technology can help us.

There are many good reasons to have a road maintenance system, and just as many good reasons to expect a lot from the system you choose. With many players in the market, price and functionality will vary widely, and it is up to you as a customer to decide which features are right for you and your company. Whatever you are looking for, there are some things that you should put at the top of the list.

Find out what's important for you and your business

As with most things you buy asking yourself some questions about the purpose of what you buy is always a good starting point. A system used by many, whether in a municipality or a business, should be simple and intuitive. The functionality may be superior, but if you have to spend weeks to figure out how to start the system and bring a manual with you at all times, chances are that the system will create more frustration and anger than joy.

The system should also have seamless communication so that it is easy for both those who work outside and inside the office to have an overview. For example, in the event of a heavy snowfall, it is important that the critical roots are plowed first, and that those who work to coordinate this are notified when the job is done. Such a continuous update helps both the person who plows, and the person sitting in the office and has the complete overview. This also ensures that the job is done quickly and efficiently.

The fact that the system can easily document and create reports of completed tasks is also important. That a job, be it plowing, trimming bushes and trees close to roads or salting icy roads, is easily documented and that the reports generated create less and not more work is also a prerequisite. Good search functions and access to information in the right folders mean that efficiency increases.

Urgent, simple summoning of crew is essential. A heavy snowfall or freezing rain can quickly pose a risk if accidents happen or the emergency services are prevented from responding to emergency calls.

GSGroup has been developing and providing fleet management and road maintenance solutions for nearly 30 years. It gives us a unique knowledge of both the market and the challenges that lie ahead.

If you have any questions about road maintenance, or any of our other products, we are always ready to help.

Contact us, and we will help answer any questions you might have regarding fleet management, field service, travel log or recovery solutions.