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Give your company a head start after the holidays

Every single day, thousands of craftsmen and service people use GSGroup’s solutions to record hours, goods, mileage on the car and much more. The solutions easily plan and manage your work day.

Since the beginning of the 1990's, GSGroup has worked with and developed field service solutions for order management and  registration of hours, all to ensure a more efficient working day for our customers. Nearly 30 years of experience gives us a lot of insight, which we gladly share. We believe that a close and continues dialogue provides the best solutions.

Sales director Torben Naldal says it's all about letting technology help businesses with administration tasks, so the employees can focus on their job without the time and resource consuming, and not to mention unnecessary, disruptions.

- GSGroup offers several digital solutions that help companies optimize their work day. No company is too small or too big.

GSGroup’s field service solutions lets you create create offers, make new orders, schedule hours, document and bill using your phone, tablet or computer. The transition to a digital work day makes the information available instantly to all who works in the company, which increases effectivity.

Our standardized solutions suit most needs:

  • Optimize planning for better utilization of capacity
  • Invoice more every day
  • Reduce the climate footprint by minimizing unnecessary driving and CO2
  • Increased customer satisfaction through a high level of information
  • Improve cash flow / billing ability by invoicing immediately after completing tasks
  • Comply with applicable regulatory and industrial requirements with quality assurance
  • Integrates with your financial system via open API

GSGroup’s field service solutions are a module based system, which makes every product unique.

The products can be tailored to every need. Naldal says the module based system allows for the business to decide for themselves what modules they need.

  - The products allow each and every customer to choose what modules are crucial to their business. Through close dialogue we are able to tailor a package that works both today and becomes just as important when the business grows.

 - Today, several of our customers have tripled sales, as well as reduced administration and other costs. We at GSGroup experience exciting development and growth in all of our business areas. We do this by offering strong products and services, as well as having a close dialogue with our customers.

We are proud of our caring, skilled and inventive colleagues who deliver the technology to meet the challenges of tomorrow.