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The transport and logistics sector set strict climate requirements for its own industry

The technology makes it possible to cut emissions and at the same time ensure economic growth

The ink has solidified. Words like the green shift and climate change have become established terminology, also in the transport sector. Several of the major companies in the industry aim to reduce CO2 emissions within a few years, and there are high expectations and demands coming from within the sector itself.

Several well-known players want to cut emissions from 30% to as much as 90% over the next few years. The fact that companies dare to invest in the environment puts pressure on the industry as a whole, says CEO in GSGroup, Espen Ranvik.

- We see that customers are committed to doing good, not only for their own benefit but also for the climate, says Ranvik.

Experience provide important insight

Since the beginning of the 1990s, GSGroup has worked with and developed solutions to improve efficiency and optimize operations. The products consist of fleet management, mobile order management, tracking and recovery services and travel log. As more climate and environment friendly solutions have been put on the agenda, the products have been adapted to the new market. Ranvik says close to 30 years in the industry and close cooperation with the customers has provided the company with valuable insight.

- Our products give customers an overview of consumption, including mileage and CO2 reporting. With these tools customers can assess changes and plan and implement measures based on actual numbers and figures. We see that these tools are what is needed for companies to start reducing their total emissions.

Ranvik believes it is often getting started that is demanding, because even though a lot is written about climate and the environment, it can still be difficult to know what individual companies can do themselves.

- It is easy to set future goals, but following up, evaluating and documenting along the way require resources and time from the companies. We feel that the desire for change is very much present, and with our products and continued close dialogue with our customers, we hope to be a contributor now and in the future.

- We all have a responsibility to create an awareness of the subject, says Ranvik, who believes that everyone can make a difference.