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Protect your car from theft at Christmas

Protect your car from theft at Christmas

A daily routine of checking the equipment makes it more difficult for thieves, but be sure to check the car and equipment at different times each day

Stolen tractors and construction machinery disappear without GPS tracking

Stolen tractors and construction machinery disappear without GPS tracking

Of the 165 stolen tractors and construction machines that were reported to insurance companies in Denmark last year, GSGroup recovered more than 30  and only a few were recovered by others. 

GPS trackers to stop GPS thefts

Criminals are targeting expensive GPS equipment in Northern Europe.

Stolen cars worth 200.000 EUR recovered in cross-border search operation by GSGroup

In the beginning of August, the thieves broke into the owner’s house and stole the keys for a Porsche 911 and an Audi S8. The theft took place in Osby south of Sweden.  

Best for pharmaceutical product logistics!

Logistics firm Best Transport is a major player in the transportation of pharmaceutical products in Sweden.

Stolen BMW M2 found in garage facility

The car that is worth around 70 000 euro was found along with several other pieces of stolen goods and equipment

Criminal networks often see times of crisis as a window of opportunity


As local authorities and experts of digital security measurements and threats warn that working from home makes businesses more valuable for cyber-attacks, other criminals leagues are also taking advantage of peoples changed behavioral pattern.  

Turn your logo into a symbol of quality

field service

Using the right tools to streamline workflows gives you more time with your customers and increases the quality of your services

Opens its 15th office in the capital of Western Norway


Since the beginning of the 1990's, the technology company GSGroup has had a steady and good growth and has gone from a local to an international player in the market. Now they have their eyes on Bergen.

The transport and logistics sector set strict climate requirements for its own industry

The technology makes it possible to cut emissions and at the same time ensure economic growth

GSGroup presents its software, sensor technology and telematics products at the Maintenance fair in Dortmund.

fleet management

field service


The next edition of the Maintenance fair, which has established itself into the leading German trade fair for industrial maintenance, will take place in Dortmund on 12th and 13th of February 2020.