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fleet management

this is fleet management

GSGroup is a leading provider of fleet management systems that optimize the work flow and modern electronic trip log systems for all kinds of vehicles. In addition we have a unique system for position and tracking solutions for object recovery. Our systems gives insight and simplifies the work day for businesses around Europe


fleet management

we deliver

  • World class Fleet management
  • Electronic trip log with smart solutions
  • Digital equipment control
  • Worldwide tracking and recovery services
  • Services based on knowledge on advanced sensor technology

product news

Outstanding GPS tracker without battery for tracking trailers, caravans and much more.

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your needs - our solutions

real time tracking

Real time viewing in maps gives you a continuous update of your positions


Rich reports that satisfy the authorities demands, show how your resources are being used


Secure your values by receiving notifications on a number of events


Effective notifications of the employees, assignments are sent directly to the mobile app


Notifications help you keep track of service intervals on your objects

temperature control

Multiple sensors notifies you if the temperature reaches values outside a set threshold


Through open API our products can integrate with other systems such as ERP/economy, time registrations, field service etc.

zone registrations

Define geographical work zones and receive notifications when resources leave or arrive at different premises

car sharing

Driver identification makes reports on car sharing more simple, and ensures that trips are recorded on the correct employee

fleet management

Your items are mobile and under way. Advanced sensor based tracking gives you better insight and easier management of your resources.

The result is increased efficiency and increased quality on the services delivered.

A broad specter of sensors lets you track and register position, temperature, movement and any other information from any kind of object.

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travel log

Travel log from GSGroup simplifies your day and make sure that your company is in line with the tax authorities regulations on commercial vehicles.

It is suitable for all companies,  regardless of size, and whether or not your company has regular drivers or if the company cars are used by several different employees.

Travel log documents all journeys automatically, giving the driver complete insight 

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equipment control

We have customized our technology so that it is compatible with most machines and equipment. A broad selection of sensor gives you oversight over everything from large construction equipment to handheld tools.

It all comes down to safety and knowing that we are here to secure your belongings, and assist is anything goes missing.

As with all of our other products equipment control can also be adjusted to fit your needs, regardless of your company being big or small. 


product news

Neither the world or our technology are standing still. Stay updated on our product news here

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