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Sandefjord municipality chose fleet management solutions from GSGroup

The technology company won the tender and will be delivering 45 units over a period of up to five years

Sandefjord municipality will become part of the growing range of municipalities using GSGroup's technology. That Sandefjord, which is where the European headquarters of GSGroup is located, chose us ads a little something extra, sales manager Morgan Kittilsen says.

- We are very happy and pleased that Sandefjord municipality chose us as supplier. This was a public tender, and we were in tough competition with other national players.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, GSGroup has been working and developing products to digitize the working environment for craftsmen and people in the service industry. The products consist of field service solutions and registration of hours, travel log, fleet management and tracking services. Kittilsen believes the wide range of products and the collaboration across departments means a lot in terms of what GSGroup can offer today and in the future.

IoT, growth and security

Fleet management and road maintenance are both about efficiency, but also about safety for the people.

- To be certain of which roads have been plowed and when, for example after a heavy snowfall, provides a good and important overview. It ensures that emergency services can get to patients and other users, regardless of the weather and driving conditions. This is one of the most important things we as a society can contribute to, and where we see technology as an important tool, Kittilsen says.

It should be a simple and intuitive system that provides good and seamless communication for those working in the municipality, and Kittilsen points out that input and dialogue with customers is an important part of the process of driving the product forward.

- Our solutions has been shaped by dialogue and input from our customers. It is important for us to be able to offer products that directly address today's and future needs.

In addition GSGroup developed an App called, "Asset Manager", which allows the drivers to " keep track of each other" in a map function. This, together with the possibility of registering deviations makes the drivers' lives easier and more efficient when working with road maintenance.

Stein Olav Skarbø, who leads GSGroup's business unit in Norway, is impressed with the timing of Sandefjord municipality.

- The fact that they are using the opportunities that lie there right now that they are merging with the neighboring municipalities is a fact is particularly good timing. It offers great benefits now that "chaos" is what you want the least, says Skarbø.