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Stole three wheel loaders worth 100 000 euro

 They did not however come very far before the owner of the vehicles took action

Accelerating Carbon Innovation Through Technology Learning

This year, GSGroup had the opportunity to attend the Novo Nordisk Foundation CO2 Research Center’s second annual Carbon Forum, emphasizing the theme "Accelerating Carbon Innovation Through Technology Learning."

A grand opening of GSGroup`s new Tassebekk office

We are proud and excited to announce the grand opening of our new Tassebekk office, a pivotal step in our journey of growth and innovation.

On the move to our new office space

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GSGroup Sandefjord is excited to announce its upcoming move to a brand-new office space located in Tassebekk. We are not moving far, but still, this is an important leap forward.  

5 Reasons Why Tachographs are Vital for the Transport Sector

The transport sector is the lifeblood of modern economies, facilitating the movement of goods and people across vast distances. Within this industry, ensuring safety, compliance with regulations, and efficiency is paramount. One indispensable tool that contributes to all these aspects is the tachograph.

The search for stolen Range Rover exceeded all expectations


Tracking technology in the stolen car led police to a shipping container, where another stolen car of the same type was found.

How three radio technologies give us a head start in the hunt for stolen objects

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GSGroup is changing the game in stolen object tracking with a trio of radio solutions. These technologies, each tailored to specific needs, make a powerful toolset in the ongoing battle against theft and criminal activities. 

Meet Madeleine Beviz – our new Key Account Manager

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The newest addition to our GSGroup team loves languages, dogs and new adventures

Woken up by thieves driving man’s 575-horsepower car out of his driveway


The thieves didn't get far with the BMW X5M before the police showed up