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Stolen Range Rover Sport Found in Underground Parking Garage

A stolen Range Rover Sport, valued at 50,000 euros and from 2015, was recovered in an underground parking garage in Gothenburg, thanks to the efforts of our dedicated search team and three radio technologies. 

The vehicle was reported stolen from Limhamn in Sweden, and upon receiving the theft report, the search team initiated an operation to locate the stolen vehicle. After analyzing the data, they determined that the car had been driven northward, providing the basis for an extensive search in the area. 

A Challenging Operation 

The search, however, proved to be challenging as the thieves attempted to conceal the vehicle. Nevertheless, with the assistance of radio technologies, the team successfully tracked down the car to a garage outside the center of Gothenburg.  

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- Once we obtained the vehicle's position, we immediately contacted the police, who swiftly responded to the scene. After confirming that it was indeed the stolen Range Rover, it was taken away by the police for further technical examinations, Per Waldemar Simonsen, Division Director in Fleet and Asset Tracking at GSGroup says. 

The successful recovery is evidence of the growing significance of advanced technology in combating crime. 

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- We consistently witness a cat-and-mouse game in these situations. Thieves transport the vehicles a considerable distance and hide them as well as possible to test if anyone attempts to find them again. Our three radio technologies provide a unique opportunity to locate over a broader area, narrow down, and provide an exact location. We are proud to once again recover stolen items and thank the police for their collaboration, Simonsen says.