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The European Parliament voted in favor of the Revision of the Weights and Dimensions Directive.

In July 2023, the European Parliament Commission proposed making freight transportation more environmentally friendly. One key proposal involves updating the Weights and Dimensions Directive, which governs truck size and weight limits in international road transport.

The proposal “seeks to further promote the use of zero-emission trucks by allowing these to exceed the standard weight limits. It also aims to clarify the rules on use of heavier and longer vehicles in cross-border transport operations between countries where such vehicles are allowed*.”

NLA welcomes the support from the European Parliament

Continued flexibility that allows high-capacity vehicles (HCVs) to travel across borders of consenting countries was welcomed by Erik Østergaard, CEO of DTL and chairman of the NLA board.

- This is a significant step forward and NLA welcomes the support from the European Parliament. Driving with heavier, longer and higher combinations is the most efficient way for commercial road transport to bring down fuel consumption, reduce emissions and the number of trucks on the road. HCVs also contribute to the alleviation of Europe’s widespread driver shortage while making Europe’s roads safer by reducing the number of traveling vehicles.

More sustainable vehicle options within the EU

Addressing that, current regulations inadvertently disadvantage zero-emission HCVs, which are often heavier than diesel-fused vehicles. A proposed four-tonne weight increase and a one-tonne axle increase aim to accelerate the shift towards more sustainable vehicle options within the EU.

Notably, this added weight is detached from the actual weight of the zero-emission technology, allowing operators to benefit further as these technologies become lighter.

- The latest proposal on weights and dimensions is a game-changer for the transportation industry. At GSGroup, we are excited to support our clients through this transition. The allowance of additional weight for zero-emission HDVs is a clear incentive that aligns with our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the sector says Claus Frost Wrang Business Unit Director FAT GSGroup

Next step

Trilogue discussions involving the Council and the European Parliament are set for June 2024, with the possibility of a second reading afterward. If the directives are adopted, they will come into effect as soon as 1 January 2026.

*EPRS_BRI(2023)754595_EN PDF (www.europarl.europa.eu)

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