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Meet Madeleine Beviz – our new Key Account Manager

The newest addition to our GSGroup team loves languages, dogs and new adventures

Madeleine comes to us with a two-year IT project management education, flaunting proficiency not only in her professional language Swedish, but also in English and French. Beyond the realm of work, she has a soft spot for four-legged friends, especially her own canine companion. 

What do you do to relax and unwind? you might ask. Madeleine's response? A playful and puzzled, "Hmm, relax?!" It seems like this go-getter is always on the move, ready for the next challenge. 

Bringing Expertise and Enthusiasm to GSGroup 

Inquiring about her aspirations in the role, Madeleine eagerly expresses her desire to uncover new customers and opportunities while sharing her knowledge. Having previously worked with DB Schenker and DSV in the transportation sector, she sought a change and well the rest is history. 

- It's a new set of products for me, but still within the industry, she notes, highlighting her excitement about exploring different facets of the field. 

When asked about the trends in our industry, Madeleine exclaims, "A lot is happening, and the progress is continuous!" Her enthusiasm mirrors the ever-evolving nature of the transportation sector, where innovation is the name of the game. 

GSGroup`s division director Per Simonsen is happy about getting Madeleine aboard. 

- We are pleased to welcome Madeleine to our team, confident that her diverse skill set, and experience will bring valuable prospects. 

Navigating the Competitive Waters 

Looking into the future of the (transport) market, Madeleine emphasizes the importance of networking and keeping one's ear to the ground. In her own words, "It's crucial to 'hålla örat mot marken'—to be attentive and responsive." (By the way, we're not quite sure if that's the Swedish way of saying it, but it sure sounds wise!) 

The Power of Diversity in Tech 

When it comes to diversity in the tech industry, Madeleine believes that diversity is always a positive force. According to her, the blend of various skills and experiences that diverse individuals bring to the table contributes to a richer and more innovative work environment. As Madeleine embarks on her journey with GSGroup, we're excited to see the energy and fresh perspectives she brings to the team.