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Stole three wheel loaders worth 100 000 euro

 They did not however come very far before the owner of the vehicles took action

One of our longtime customer in Finland, who also works in property maintenance, discovered one morning that three of their new Kramer Wheel Loaders had been stolen. The value of these wheel loaders are well over €100,000. 

When the customer's administrator logged in to our service system, he immediately noticed that the location information of two devices was not correct, and that thieves had managed to bypass the system. 

 However, the special gps-tracker from GSGroup located in one of the stolen loaders gave a signal, revealing its whereabouts. The customer  then was able to quickly determine the location of the units in the vehichles in question.  

Arriving at the address provided by the tracker unit, it became clear that all three loaders were there. Stolen, but yet to be moved out of the country as many machines, equipment and machines are. 

- Professional thieves often act in such a way that stolen property is taken to an industrial area and the perpetrators monitor remotely for about a day or two whether the police or someone else arrives to search for the stolen property, Business Unit Manager for GSGroup Finland Oy Pekka Naukkarinen, says. 

Fortunately, in this case, the property was recovered quickly before it could be taken out of Finland.  

- We see multiple cases such as this one. In this case, we commend the customer who early on realized that something was wrong and  used our technology to figure out where the stolen vehicles were.

 It makes it more difficult and time consuming to retrieve stolen objects when it is taken out of the country, but it is very much possible to find and retrieve them, says Naukkarinen. 

 - Earlier this year, we were able to a rental machine costing more than 100,000€, which had already been taken out of Finland. It feels good to be able to use technology to help our customers get their machines and equipment back and hold criminals accountable, says Naukkarinen. 


Please note: *The machine in the picture is not related to the incident.