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travel Log

Use your time more effectively with travel log from GSGroup.

toll roads are now automatically calculated

Toll roads make up a considerable cost and are also time consuming to calculate. Now the calculation is calculated automatically on each trip.

This gives the employees the opportunity to use the company cars for private purposes as well. Toll roads are calculated for each trip, which makes it possible to see travel expenses for a particular project, and whether it is a work or private trip.

it's about making it easy

How many hours each month do you use to figure our where you were at what time? Probably way too many. With electronic travel log you can use this time on more reasonable tasks, while all trips are registered automatically in the system. GSGroup's smart travel log simplifies your everyday life through automatic documentation of all travels. The travel log is suitable for both small and large companies, and for employees that uses the same car every day or a common car park. In addition, you ensure that your company meets the tax authorities' documentation requirements for the use of commercial vehicles.


no hiddden costs - a lot of benefits

  • less paperwork
  • easier administration
  • higher productivity
  • faster billing
  • higher customer satisfaction
  • easy installation
  • supports OBDII
  • free support all week days from 8-16
  • SIM and communication costs
  • roaming costs
  • assistance in case of theft
  • possibility to upgrade the device and functions