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lommy capture

Outstanding GPS tracker without battery for tracking trailers, caravans and much more.


Small, affordable tracking device that generates power from taillights, brake lights and indicators.

GSGroup now offer a solution to the issue of running out of electric power when tracking a trailer, caravan, motorbike etc. The new Lommy Capture works independently of any power source, no battery is needed, and offers long-term durability. Lommy Capture is a unique and patented GPS device that stores energy from tail lights, brake lights or indicators, when either of these are turned on. This allows for continuous long-term tracking without the use of a fixed power source. Lommy Capture is easy to install and can be placed in the tail light, where it will be well hidden, e.g. in the event of theft.

Lommy Capture

  • IP65
  • Dimentions: 54x43x20 mm

The unique “SuperCaps” generate power directly from the tail lights, brake lights and indicators.

Advanced technology ensures tracking under all conditions

When Lommy Capture generates power from the tail lights, the device can transmit its position approx. every second minute for live tracking. If tail lights are off, Lommy Capture will generate power from the brake lights and indicators to transmit its position at regular intervals. This is an intelligent solution for monitoring and tracking, even under challenging conditions. The unique
design ensures that the electrical circuit of the trailer is not affected.


Get a full over-view of all your Lommy devices from any computer or smart-phone with internet access. Log onto your online account on www.trackeye.eu to see the positions and movements of your devices. It is also possible to track positions on Lommy Fleet.

Lommy Capture is IP65 waterproof. Wires must be heat-shrinked before assembly. Damage caused by liquid in the cabinet is not covered by warranty.

The GPS module ensures that an accurate position (to within a few metres) can be transmitted, e.g. if a trailer disappears.

When indicators are activated, Lommy Capture
transmits its position
(with an interval between 2-8 minutes)

When brake lights are activated, Lommy Capture also transmits its position
(with an interval between 2-8 minutes)

When tail lights are on, the position will be
transmitted every 2nd minute (approx.)
(with an interval between 2-8 minutes)

No voltage:
Transmits 1 position every 12th hour – max. 2-3 times
– after which the unit is discharged