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fleet management

The system that gives you an overview of the organizations vehicles in real time.

Toll roads are now automatically calculated

Toll roads make up a considerable cost and are also time consuming to calculate. Now the calculation is calculated automatically on each trip.

This gives the employees the opportunity to use the company cars for private purposes as well. Toll roads are calculated for each trip, which makes it possible to see travel expenses for a particular project, and whether it is a work or private trip.

The benefits are many

Logistics optimalization and overview of where vehicles, machines and other objects are located, are some of the benefits you get with fleet management.

The web based system has a broad selection of functions and possibility. The system gives you an overview of the company's vehicles in real time.

There are many industries that can benefit from fleet management:

  • Transportation
  • Machine and lift rental
  • Container transport
  • Municipal sector
  • Temperature controlled transport
  • Service Industry
  • Construction
  • Energy

We are always by your side:

  • Free support 08.00-16.00 all weekdays
  • Preinstalled SIM card and software
  • Data traffic and roaming costs included
  • Theft assistance from our alarm center (24/7)
  • Free update of map and application
  • Our Enterprise customers have the opportunity to access the 24/7/365 Alarm Center by entering into a SLA (Service Level Agreement)

There are many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Access to rich reports, such as driving-, hour-, utilization reports, etc.
  • Detailed basis for billing
  • Securing values and the ability to set up alarms
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Plan service on cars and machines
  • Automatic reading of hour and trip counts Temperature reading and warning
  • Send driving order directly to car
  • Integrate fleet management with other systems

Integrate fleet management with other systems