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Best for pharmaceutical product logistics!

Logistics firm Best Transport is a major player in the transportation of pharmaceutical products in Sweden.

To ensure that medicines do not deteriorate en route, there are strict requirements for stable temperatures in cargo compartments. To maintain full control of their cargo, Best Transport has installed mobile temperature sensors supplied by GSGroup in all 40 of its vehicles that daily transport pharmaceutical products.

Best Transport was established in Sweden more than 40 years ago, and currently has a fleet in excess of 400 vehicles that carry out tens of thousands logistical tasks every week. The company has bases in Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Malmo, Växjö, Luleå, Oslo and Copenhagen. One key area of focus for Best Transport is the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Quality assurance on the road

Jonas Wahlström is Head of Environment and Quality in Best Transport, and is the main person responsible for ensuring that medicines retain their high quality throughout the logistics process. In 2017, he was involved in the implementation of GSGroup’s temperature monitoring system, and so far he is more than satisfied.
‘The advantage for us is that we can now very easily access the data we need to ensure quality is maintained during transportation. This is very important to us and our customers,’ says Wahlström.

Meets stringent industry requirements

The sensors installed in the cargo compartments are highly accurate and meet the industry requirements (GDP and EN12830:1999). Best Transport’s logistics centre can monitor the temperature in all its trucks on the road in real-time. The temperature is recorded once every five minutes and should there be a temperature deviation, an automatic notification is immediately submitted back to base.
‘Since monitoring takes place centrally, we have full control of the entire fleet. If a change temperature occurs in one of our cargo compartments, our driver is immediately notified that they need to adjust the temperature,’ Wahlström explains.

Good profitability

Installing the wireless sensors is a very easy operation. The central unit is installed in the cabin and this communicates wirelessly with the sensors that are placed in the cargo compartment. In addition, Wahlström adds that GSGroup’s solution is well economical compared to other similar products on the market.
‘Of all the systems we considered, GSGroup’ s solution was the most beneficial for us on financial terms. And now that we’ve been using the system for more than a year, we are very satisfied with the agreement we signed and how the solution functions on a day-to-day basis,’ says Wahlström.

A highly trustworthy supplier

Being recognised as a trustworthy provider of high quality services is essential to Best Transport. Transportation of pharmaceutical products is demanding, and reliability is a critical factor in retaining and developing good, loyal customers.
‘In addition to the fact that GSGroup’s system has great features, it is accurate and easy to manage. GSGroup has a great reputation as a supplier and this is also an important element in establishing our trustworthiness as a logistics partner. We have actually noticed an increase in demand from our existing customers within this segment, which obviously is incredibly important to us at Best Transport,’ Wahlström concludes.