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Stolen BMW M2 found in garage facility

The car that is worth around 70 000 euro was found along with several other pieces of stolen goods and equipment


We got a call from one of our customers saying that his car was not where he had parked it. The car, a BMW M2 Competition, had been locked in a shared garage facility,
and the owner still had both sets of car keys with him when he went to check on it.
- This often indicates that the thieves either have stolen the information of the car key, or have at some point interfered with the signal, Aivars Vilnitis head of Recovery operations in GSGroup says.
Vilnitis further explains that this is one of the reasons why car theft is a lot more difficult to spot.

- Contrary to how it was, where you physically had to break into and damage the window or door of a car, you now only have to interfer with the radio signals. An experienced car thief with a small piece of equipment in his hands can literally drive away such a car in seconds. Seen from the outside, such a drive-off does not look like a crime at all. A thief scans a signal from the owner’s keys and simply unlocks the door, enters and leaves.

Modifies vehicles at a large scale
With the customer still on the phone, the GSGroup search team started a search operation to locate the car’s location.
Through GSM triangulations, GPS position and radio signal tracking we were able to track down the car and find out its exact location. The thieves were certainly no amateurs and it turned out to be quite the cat and mouse game

- Time is always of the essence in these cases. We have noticed that several cars are driven to special facilities and modified so that even the owners would not have recognized their own car if they walked past it. This happens at an increasing rate, and it is disturbing, says Vilnitis.
As local authorities and experts of digital security measurements and threats warn that working from home makes businesses more valuable for cyber-attacks, other criminals leagues are also taking advantage of peoples changed behavioral pattern.

- Fortunately, we were able to locate the cars exact position quickly and call the police who came to the location. It is important to hold these people accountable for their actions and show that we are not willing to let them get away. I want to thank both our search team and the police for yet another successful operation, and for a good collaboration, Vilnitis says.


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