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Product news Fleet Management

GSGroup launches new fleet app

The application is meant as a tool for people on the go. Read more

New portable battery-operated temperature device launched

 The system is smaller and lighter and has an estimated life span that exceeds one year, even when detailed measurements takes place every five minutes. Read more

Toll roads are now automatically calculated.

Toll roads make up a considerable cost and are also time consuming to calculate. Now the calculation is calculated automatically on each trip. Read more

Are you prepared for a snowy winter?

A snowy winter means high expenses on plowing. Read more about how your city/municipality can use our solutions to improve the efficiency for road maintenance. Read more


Do your company use car sharing?

Have you experienced that employees forget to identify or use incorrect driver identification? We have made it easier to sort this out. read more

Register your work trips

We've made it even easier for you to keep track of work trips. You can easily determine which workplaces are to be active. Save time by keeping the list up to date! read more