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Toll charges are a significant expense and are time consuming to calculate. Now the calculation is done automatically on each trip.

This gives the employees the opportunity to use the work cars for private purposes as well. Product Manager and Head of Innovation in GSGroup, Sturle Furland says integrated toll road calculations will reduce administrational costs.

-Many companies allow employees to use the work car privately. At the same time, they have ordered themselves to monitor the cost of the toll roads. Without costing, all private tours must be manually reviewed. This work is rapidly expanding and can not be said to contribute positively to the company's value creation, -said Furland.

Toll road are calculated for each trip, which makes it possible to see travel expenses for a particular project, and whether it is a work or private trip. The proportion of private driving is to be taxed and it also includes tolls. The employee has a private advantage of getting covered costs and therefore the costs must be reported.

Time consuming

Tolls make up a significant part of the cost scenario for the car park, not least through extra administration, whether it is cost-related in projects, deliveries or tax rules. It is time consuming to review invoices from the toll road companies to provide the foundation afterwards, and it is challenging to keep up to date and have the overview ready when needed. The task becomes unmanageable, even for small businesses.

The toll costs must be calculated per person and must be reported in terms of salary. This means that the company has to go through the private trips and calculate the cost per trip. The task must be done every month and significantly increase the administration. The increase will of course depend on the proportion of private driving, but even with little driving there will be some work.

Although other providers are recording actual expenses instead of calculation, Furland thinks most people need to get answers quickly.

A cost estimate will be available immediately after the trip. The travel log is something that you often maintain on a regular basis, as the purpose of the tours has to be filled out. In many cases, companies reimburse actual costs, and it would be inappropriate to wait for 2 days before closing the case. Deferred cases can quickly be forgotten.

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