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New portable battery-operated temperature device


 The system is smaller and lighter and has an estimated life span that exceeds one year, even when detailed measurements takes place every five minutes.

That makes for many new areas of use. GSGroup are straightening their position as a provider of IoT solutions. We have for some time registered a need for small, flexible and reliable sensor solutions.  Our products are being used to monitor temperatures in a transport chain. That requires battery effective units that report often, are precise and robust to handle strains that may occur during the transport.

Spotguard temperature surveillance is a product that has been developed based on IoT platform that GSGroup acquired through the acquisition of Flextrack and underlines that IoT will be an area of focus in the future. The acquisition has given GSGroup an opportunity to offer sensors to different purposes. Flextrack has a lot of experience in delivering battery effective tracking solutions. It is not a new feature to offer units that gather GPS positions, sensor measurements and sends this information via mobile network. Many businesses can do this, but the challenge is to do it in such an energy effective way that the units can run on a battery and still have a satisfactory life span. In this area Flextrack has succeeded in creating a broad specter of products with a very low consumption of energy. This makes us able to deliver solutions with a battery capacity from 5 to 10 years.

We have taken an existing product and found a new platform. The units are configured to meet the standards set in GDP (Good Distribution Practice) within the food and pharmaceutical transportation both in terms of intervals and precision.

Based on these conditions we have put together a product with the following characteristics:

  • Measure temperature every 5 minutes
  • Precision down to a minimum of 0,5 degrees
  • Automatic notification if temperature reaches values outside a set threshold
  • At least 14 months battery capacity (interchangeable batteries)
  • Documentation requirements are met by automatically and proper storing of temperature information for at least 10 years.
  • Viewing of temperature graphs in web program
  • water and shock resistant unit (IP67)
  • Weight: 450 g
  • Size: 160x90x40 mm

Spotguard temperature surveillance provides new opportunities for digitization. The product is flexible and adaptable, and if the measuring intervals are reduced, the battery capacity increases even further which makes for more areas of use. In this case we have used a temperature sensor, but it could have been a different type of sensor. We look forward to developing our products together with our customers.

Key words: IoT, sensors, temperature surveillance, mobility, robust, tracking, flexibility.