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The new Handyman Mobile app

February 11, 2019

The new Handyman Mobile app has been available on iOS since April last year and now we have made the Windows and Android version available as well. […] Read more

Create your own check lists

15th August 2018

During week 34 Smartday is updated with the possiblity to create your own check lists. The function is available for all our customers. Read more

Smartday and GDPR updates and improvements

19th May 2018

During week 21 Smartday is updated with adaptions to the GDPR directive. We will follow the requirements. Read more


Travel log integrated in Smartday

10th April 2018

During week 15 we release travel log as an integrated part of Smartday. GSGroups travel log can now be used together with Smartday. This gives the users new possibilitites. Read more