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  Create your own checklists

During week 34, we update Smartday with the ability to create custom checklists. The feature is available to all our customers. Users who have access to Smartday settings have access to the feature.

Here you can easily create brand new checklists and or copy from an existing checklist that you want to create a new version of. In the edit image for the checklist, you can add pages and questions to the checklist. There is no limit on the number of points, and you can use any type of points that are known from the built-in checklists in Smartday.

It's easy to move on to the points and you can when making a preview to see how the mobile user will see the checklist on the screen. Once you are satisfied with the result, enable the checklist and it can be used immediately by the mobile users of Smartday.

We are confident that this will give you better opportunities to customize Smartday to the changes that occur in your daily life and that checklists can be used even more to ensure good documentation of your work. It gives more satisfied customers and better earnings. Improvements and bug fixes We have also corrected in this update the number of minor errors and improved several of our integrations. We hope you enjoy the new version.