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Proper road maintenance increases security

Fleet management from GSGroup ensures a more efficient road maintenance – no matter the season.

Good road maintenance is important for road users, whether it is heavy snowfall, icy roads or pruning of bushes and shrubs. It is crucial to have a tool that simplifies and increases the quality of the work flow.

Every day GSGroup work hard to make our customers work day become more efficient all-year. Road maintenance tools from GSGroup sends assignments and descriptions directly to the mobile app, that in turn ensures the safety of children and adults who use the road network on a daily basis. Today 13 municipals in Norway use road maintenance tools from the international tech company with its head office in Norway.

- The solution is designed in such a manner so that both workers and operators can see the condition of the roads in real time. This provides a good and important overview and enables the operator to quickly decide which roads that needs to be ploughed or salted and which ones that are in good condition. This leads to better communication and easier maintenance overall.

This year’s winter has already shown the importance of having the right tools to contribute to good communication. Sales manager Morgan Kittilsen in GSGroup says it is essential that everyone who work with road maintenance get access to precise information to ensure quick execution of tasks.

- When we experience heavy snowfall, the importance of an efficient system is crucial, so that the community does not come to a complete stand still.

Changing weather conditions due to climate change, can cause unforeseen events. This is also an important aspect where communication and execution of work orders is essential, Kittilsen says and emphasizes that the products have multiple benefits

- Notifying workers is quick and easy, and rode maps are updated on a regular basis. The system is made with good tools for among other documenting that the job has been done according to the job description.

The solution is also equipped with tools that register kilometers and hours. These rapports can be used to monitor and document invoices and other costs. In addition, workers can put in deviations and notifications of everything from roads that are badly ploughed, a tree that is blocking the road to a wrongly parked car, into an application.  The operator then gets control and overview of ongoing and completed activities.