Til innholdet

Do you remember last year’s summer? So do the thieves.

You are more likely to become a victim of boat theft during the summer, and in Norway the police have already issued a warning asking people to be on the lookout after several incidents.

Summer is the time to enjoy long, sunny days with friends and lower your shoulders. Lapping of the waves, crying of the seagulls, sun and being out on a boat is for many of us important ingredients for the season.

A less pleasant aspect is that marinas full of newly polished boats can act as a magnet for those with dishonest intentions. Leisure boats are popular for mobile burglars, and both engines as well as the boat itself are taken.

On the west country of Norway, the police have recently issued a warning asking boat owners and marinas to be on the lookout after several reported boat thefts.

They write in a press release that they suspect the burglars can be mobile criminal groups and ask people to keep a watchful eye on their boats and equipment and contact the police if they see anything suspicious.

Increased with 14 percent

The number of thefts vary, but according to Finans Norge (Finance Norway) there were stolen more boats and equipment in first half of 2017, than for a long time. The number of compensation claims rose by 14 percent compared to the first half of 2016.

Communication manager for Finans Norge, Stine Neverdal says the burglars often perform thorough examinations before they strike, and that the stolen goods are taken abroad and sold.

GSGroup has since the beginning of the 90’s developed tracking systems aimed at finding stolen objects. With a unique technology and cooperation with both the police and insurance industry these tracking systems provide a security for the customers when experiencing theft.

- Theft is both frustrating and frightening for those affected and is something one would prefer to avoid. Our tracking systems provide the exact location of the object and alerts the customer if the object is moved outside a given geo zone. This makes it harder for the thieves to hide and get away, and our systems can in addition have a preventive effect, CEO of GSGroup, Espen Virik Ranvik, says.

An increasing number of leisure boats, more electronic equipment and expensive equipment can seem alluring, and both boats, engines and other equipment are being stolen. Several news media sites have recently highlighted different organised crime groups and how cars, boats and equipment are being taken through carefully planned routes to other parts of Europe and Asia where it is sold.