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GSGroup arranged the first ever BeerJS in Vestfold

The worldwide phenomenon that gather developer communities is now launched in Vestfold.

Last Friday the first BeerJS event was held in Vestfold, Norway. It was GSGroup who initiated the informal evening where future-oriented technology was in focus.

BeerJS has grown rapidly in recent years and you can find several invitations to similar events around the world. Now BeerJS is also a reality in the county of Vestfold. R&D Manager at GSGroup, Holger Hussmann, says the concept is as simple as it sounds.

- This is an event where developers come together, share information and ideas. We mingle and get to know new interesting people, who all share the interest of coding. And what could be better than discussing coding while eating pizza and drinking beer, Hussmann says with a smile.

The R&D Manager is not surprised that events such as BeerJS are becoming increasingly popular, and he believes the events contribute to a positive sphere in several ways.

- Information sharing and meeting like-minded people are important motivational factors. Talking about techniques and technologies gives visibility on how the market develops. However, it is not always needed to measure how important things are to proceed, sometimes it is better to just enjoy what you are doing.

GSGroup works among other things with sensor technologies which collect data to help companies and people to organise their lives and work better. The data is collected from various sensors and increases profitability, improves safety and sustainability of our modern societies. Technology is there to help, and Hussmann says Vestfold has many skilled developers.

- Vestfold has a good and innovative environment, and it is important for recruitment. There are already many who work with state-of-the-art technology and hire sharp SW developers, but we can never get too many skilled people.

Hussmann says he hopes to gather more developers for similar events in the near future.