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Exact location brings security

The security service company Securitas wanted a reliable location service for quickly finding out the exact location of persons and monitoring their employees’ driving habits. The Paikannin.com service proved to be an excellent choice. Personnel location works with the push of a button, and the location of the person who has called for help is visible at the monitoring center in real time. This allows help to be sent to the location immediately.

Significant savings on the road: Securitas has over 150 vehicles using the location service.

“With the location system, the maintenance, repair and fuel costs of the cars used by our guards have decreased by about 10 percent. Our cars have an annual mileage of about 10 million kilometers,” says Securitas’ satisfied car services foreman Juha Korhonen.

Big help from the monitoring of driving habits: The biggest advantage of the Paikannin.com service, however, is the monitoring of driving habits, which records all information about things like acceleration, travel speeds and braking. This allows us to prove that our guards drive calmly, even though street polls claim that security guards are always speeding from one place to another. Prejudices were proven wrong and working atmosphere in a company of 3,000 employees improved as well when a neutral tool tells the facts about each person’s individual driving habits.