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Porsche Cayenne found through cooperation between law enforcement and technology

The thieves were given no more than a couple of hours on the road before they were caught

Early one morning , GSGroup's search team receives a call from the police in Sweden. A car has been stolen during the night, and it is an upset car owner who now wants the police to take up the hunt for those who have stolen it. The car is a Porsche Cayenne, a car worth millions.

- We fully understand that this is a distressing situation. Together with the police, we are going through the information we have, says head of the search team in GSGroup.

Police have already received reports of a couple of sightings on the car during the night, but they have not yet been able to stop it. The car is equipped with Spotguard tracking technology from GSGroup. The search team is now bringing the device sitting in the car to life and receives the first position.

- The position shows us that the car is on highway 41, south of Borås in Sweden. Shortly after GSGroup's search team is notified by the tracking device that the car is moving and heading towards Kinna. When we receive information from the device, we contact the police and provide them with the last position of the car.

Brought to justice

GSGroup's search team and police are keeping in touch and shortly afterwards police stopped the car and arrested two people.

- It's always a good feeling when stolen objects are found and the thieves are brought to justice. We want to commend the police for being quick and efficient. Without them, the thieves could easily have made it significantly further geographically, and possibly out of the country, says the head of GSGroup's search team.

Police will now carry out a technical examination of the car to secure evidence.