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GSGroup launches new fleet app

The application is meant as a tool for people on the go

The name of the newly launched product is GSGroup Asset Manager and is designed to manage equipment and machines.

- Our customers requested easier access to information regarding equipment and machines when they work out in the field. It was natural to give them access to FleetSystem via a mobile application, product manager Sturle Furland explains.

The app is not meant to replace the web solution, and there still are tasks that are better solved at the office, but the request was to simplify the work day for those out in the field. This is first and foremost about finding the right equipment and machines. The application provides a good geographical overview in combination with good search options. You can easily see which machines that are in use in which area and what condition they are in.

Product manager Sturle Furland in GSGroup says there are several elements that has been added to the app.

- You can search for objects and see where they are in real time, as well as get the complete data on the different objects. The application is also equipped with a map positioning tool with GPS, distance and hour meter that tells how many hours the equipment has been used and for what purpose, as well as voltage values on batteries and any external sources of power. The information is updated in real time and allows users to edit information when working on the go.

To use technology and creative solutions to give added value to our customers is important to GSGroup, and Furland says the app has been sought-after.

- There really is no limit for what technology can do to make our customer’s days easier, and the increased demand for flexible, precise solutions that gives a complete overview tells us that there is a future potential. This is no doubt an area of focus for us in the years to come.

It is also fortunate that we can utilize synergies across our range of products, Furland continues and says that the same application has been launched for MyFleet which is a fleet management program that was developed in Hungary.

 It is always exiting to receive feedback from the people using the app. The comments will play a substantial part in the further development of our products. The app is available for all our customers using FleetSystem on both iOS and Android devices.