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GSGroup launch new temperature surveillance system with multiple features

The portable system is lighter, easier to use and comes with a battery capacity that exceeds one year

The demand for flexible and reliable solutions regarding temperature surveillance that follows the product through the whole transport process is growing. The solution is small battery-operated units that do not rely on external power supply, and that sends information directly to the customer. 

- The product is suitable for both the food and pharmaceutical industry, but I would argue that the consequences are greater for the pharmaceutical industry, Sturle Furland, product manager in GSGroup, says. Their products are often both very valuable and vulnerable, and it is important to maintain a certain temperature to avoid the products being disposed of. 

The portable system measures the temperature in a set interval of time, records even small deviations and sends notification straight to the costumer’s phone. GSGroup have collaborated with customers in the process, and Furland says that gives a valuable insight in terms of mapping their future needs.

- I believe it is essential that we work closely with our customers to determine their needs and find out how to solve challenges to the best of our ability. Our products are lighter, smaller, easier to use and demand less maintenance. We meet the requirements of GDP (Good Distribution Practice), and new equipment or system changes have to go through validation requirements. Not to mention the battery capacity which has improved significantly, and is now estimated to last more than a year, Furland states.

New acquisition strengthens our position

Furland says that it is important to meet the customers demand for digitalization, making it natural to include the customer early in the process.

- More and more areas within a company are being digitalized, and data collection is an important part of it. Temperature surveillance is a field in which GSGroup has been established throughout many years. The acquisition of Flextrack in the summer of 2018 strengthens our position in the market further. Furland says Flextrack already has proven to be an important piece in the development.  

- Flextrack has put GSGroup in a position that makes us capable of customize solutions for our customers. We use a joint platform, but sensor type and battery size can be customized. That has many advantages. In addition to battery effective solutions, Flextrack also has a platform that can easily combine with equipment connected to an external power source.