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Road maintenance

Simpler mobilisation of personnel with fully electronic work specifications

GSGroup simplifies road maintenance

Good road maintenance is important for road users, whether it is heavy snowfall, icy roads or roadsides which must be cut. Then it is important to have a good support tool that simplifies and increases the quality work. GSGroup Road maintenance makes everyday life much easier for everyone who works with road maintenance, summer and winter.


  • Efficient mobilisation of personnel, assignments are sent directly to the mobile app
  • Always updated information, with work specifications and maps of road stretches
  • Shows the remaining work in mapsDeviations can be sent from the mobile app (e.g. wrongly parked car or damaged fence)
  • The operations manager has control and overview (ongoing and historical activities)
  • Good reports simplify the follow-up work
  • The service centre can provide better responses and follow-up to the citizens
  • User-friendly web solution (no software installation)


The supervisor can dispatch work orders directly to the personnel's mobile phones or tablets. Road stretches are displayed directly on the map and colour coded according to what needs to be done, for instance ploughing, salting and sanding. The personnel confirm tasks and indicate when work begins and ends.
The supervisor has good control and overview and can follow ongoing and historical activities in maps and lists.


Forget all problems with outdated paper maps. The system ensures that the personnel always have updated information. Road stretches for jobs are shown in detailed map series with the latest changes.
The personnel get good instructions along the way by seeing where they have driven and what remains in the road stretch.

Registration of deviations

The personnel can submit deviations along the way
Is a car in the way or did the snowplough damage the fence? The driver can submit any deviations continuously by pointing at the map in the mobile app. The deviations are transferred directly to the operations manager's map series.
Deviation categories can be set up as required.

Full overview

The system submits information in real time
The supervisor has full overview of ongoing activities and can compare work that has been done with the planned work.
Good reports make follow-up work easy. How many hours did we plough last weekend? Where did we salt? Etc.

Integration options

The system offers a comprehensive interface, with good integration options which ensure added value. Make use of data from the system in other systems in your organisation.