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Handyman Mobile for Windows

For PC's and Surface devices using Windows 10


Our new app for Handyman Mobile for Windows is now available.
To be able to use the app, you must have a device with Windows version 10 or newer.

The app is available here:

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If you are using the old Handyman Windows app, you must perform the following steps to transfer to the new app:

  1. Your company must request an updated licence where Handyman Mobile Windows licenses is removed and normal Handyman Mobile licenses is increased with the same quantity
  2. Then, synchronize the old app.
  3. Make a note of the synchronisation address and port. You will find this information under Settings->Connections. This information must be entered in the same place in the new app.
  4. Uninstall the Handyman app
  5. In Handyman Office, deactivate your user
  6. Install the new app from Microsoft Store (Click on the Microsoft image above)
  7. Start the app and enter the synchronisation address and port
  8. Synchronise, and choose yourself as you would do on any first time synchronisation

OBS! The old app will not be supported after June 30, 2019.