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Thieves caught with GPS tracking

Following instructions from GSGroup's search team, the Copenhagen Police have arrested two Serbs, who are now charged with organized theft of mini excavators and other construction machinery for DKK 1.2 million. kr.


The thefts in Denmark did not go exactly as planned for two Serbian citizens who are suspected of having committed a large number of thefts from Danish construction sites.

Most recently, the thieves stole a Takeuchi TB216 mini excavator from a construction site in Herlev. What they did not know, was that the excavator was equipped with tracking equipment from GSGroup.

The owner of the excavator notified GSGroup's alarm center, and soon after the hunt was on. A search team from GSGroup was able to track the excavator to an address in Havdrup near Roskilde.

The police were alerted and conducted a search of the rented warehouses, where in addition to the stolen machine, additional construction equipment was found.

»It is the police's opinion that these thieves are organized and have targeted construction sites in Denmark, primarily in the Greater Copenhagen area, and it is with great satisfaction that we have been able to make the arrests, and thus put an end to the two men's activities. These are large values objects that, by their nature, can be difficult to completely secure against theft. In addition to the material value, these thefts also often result in delays in the work carried out on the construction sites, «says Deputy Police Inspector Torben Henriksen from Special Investigation East (SEØ), which is part of the Copenhagen Police,

The two men aged 35 and 40, who are both Serbian citizens, and who in the opinion of the police, over a period from November 2020 to the time of arrest, have committed a large number of thefts in Denmark. It is believed that the stolen machines were to be sold in Serbia.