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GSGroup Newsletter

September 2018

ceo`s corner

Dear all,
Today, we are re-launching our internal GSGroup newsletter. This is one of several important arenas and channels for sharing news, information and developing the culture of One GSGroup. With contribution from the whole organization, we want to establish a channel for sharing information, updates, insight, good stories, achievements, and other relevant news. So please contribute and do not hesitate to share your story.

In this first issue of our own newsletter, I want to give a special attention to our new colleagues in Esbjerg and Hedensted. Even though it is less than 2 months since Care4all/Flextrack became a part of GSGroup, it seems like you have been part of the group for many years. I knew you represented a great company, but I`m even more impressed now. I want to send a special thanks to the whole team for your openness and positive attitude to the new future with GSGroup. The market has also reacted positively to our new constellation, and we have already experienced a lot of attention, new opportunities and invitations to possibilities that previously was out of range. This looks more than promising, and I look forward to our future accomplishments.

As one group, we will steady develop our organization, with focus on improving our quality and productivity in all processes – and always with the fully attention on delivering the best customer experience at all levels. This is off course something all organizations are striving for, all the time – but for us, it will not just be talk – it will be our mantra for the next period. It will be put on everyone’s agendas, it will be our main focus in all we do - all initiatives, all projects, all improvements, changes and activities – every step we take within GSGroup, should in the end, contribute to an improved customer experience.
Before Christmas, the management team will be around at all offices to kick start our next two-year journey - So, please join us in making GSGroup world class and give our customers a number ONE experience!
Thank you to each and every one of you, for your impressive effort to this company. Now we will take the next big step together – see you all soon.


Best regards,
Espen Virik Ranvik


Dear all,

I have been asked by Marketing to share some news from the Hamburg Office and well now, it is quite difficult as so much has happened since we started the project but I was only given a limited number of words. So please do excuse if I miss out something.

We (Espen, Morten and myself) started earlier this year by sharing some ideas about the German market for the Spotguard products and where to start. Now, just 3 months later we have a full operational office set up with a team of 5 people focussing on the German market.
In addition, we have managed to liaise closely with our new colleagues from Flextrack in Esbjerg and have integrated their product portfolio in our sales process. The speed and the quality of this integration amazes me a lot and I would like to thank the team in Esbjerg for the great support and their superpower!
The last two weeks of September have been and are very busy as the biggest German fair for the transport and logistics sector takes place in Hannover. With all the preparation and the follow up our working days get longer and longer but we estimate to have at least 25 qualified leads end the end of the fair.

Last but not least … we see the first results and are happy and proud to let you know that we have received an order for 50 Spotguard units, so the first step is made, and we hope to share a lot more good news in the future.

Thanks to Espen and Morten for putting their trust in me and thanks to Luca, Marcus, Michael and Steen for making the Hamburg Office a success! Keep going strong!

Best regards

General Manager