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Asset Manager

Do you need access to your assets when you are on the go?

The new Asset Manager Application will help you to get access to asset information wherever and whenever you need it. You easily get access to FleetSystem assets via a mobile application. Keep you updated when you are on the go!

The application will simplify the work day for you out in the field. The purpose is first and foremost about finding the right equipment and machines in real time. The application provides a good geographical overview in combination with good search options. You can easily see which machines that are in use in which area and what condition they are in.

Key features

  • Get easy access to assets in maps and lists
  • Find your assets efficiently by sorting, searching and filtering in asset lists
  • View and easily edit your asset information
  • View you own position and find assets in your area

Get started!

The application can be downloaded at Google Play and AppStore. Search for "GSGroup Asset Manager" and you will go directly to the download page. 
You can simply use the same credentials as for FleetSystem. 

View your assets in maps and lists

The map shows your assets. You have access to the same assets as you see in the Fleet Management System.
In map, we have used clustering to make it easier for you to see how many assets are located in a certain area. Just click on the cluster icon and the system will zoom into that area.

View and edit asset details

Need for more asset details? You can easily see assets details by clicking on the icon in the map.

Need to update asset information? You are able to edit asset information, e.g. odometer, running hours, name, etc. In logs you can see when the value was changed, what it was changed to and by whom it was changed by.

Do you need guidance to find your asset?

You can easily use your onboard navigator for guidance towards any asset.